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Exclusive distribution of TONKIN and brand new CAT models!

On 1 July 2013, the US company Tonkin Replicas Inc. will be opening a new site in Europe.

The company, which has its head office in Seattle, is entering into a joint venture for this purpose with Industrial Merchandising Concepts B.V. (IMC Branding) from Montfoort in the Netherlands. The people behind IMC Branding earned their ranks in the scale model industry and have vast experience and background in this field.
One of the intentions of the joint venture, Tonkin Replicas Europe B.V., is to distribute the brand new Caterpillar program as well as the full range of Tonkin truck and trailer models. The working area will be Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Tonkin Replicas has been developing and producing top quality scale models for more than 25 years. Its history goes back even further to the 1970s when Jack Tonkin took his first steps in the scale model industry. Erik Anderson took over the baton in 2000, expanding the company into becoming the absolute market leader in North America.

Originally, the main focus of Tonkin Replicas was truck and trailer models. However, Tonkin recently succeeded in obtaining the Caterpillar license and the company now aims to set the standard in the construction machinery sector.

The opening of Tonkin Replica’s European site could hardly come at a better time. Erik Anderson: “For a while, Tonkin Replicas had been looking for a good partner with whom we could create a worldwide organisation and continue our growth; especially now that we represent Caterpillar with scale models at an international level. Together with the people at IMC Branding, we now have a dream team: people with a solid background in the scale model industry, who also specialise in construction machinery, cranes and the transport sector, and who are in the best position to serve an area where we were not yet represented to the extent we would have liked.”

Joep Hansen from IMC Branding confirms: “I am completely convinced that we can create something fabulous with Tonkin Replicas Europe. We share the same strategy and vision for the future. Tonkin knows the ropes in China like no other and this provides major advantages in terms of product development and production lead times. With our current product assortment and with everything we still have in the pipeline, we will amaze both the industry and collectors!”

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